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Delivery Options:

  • FREE - Personal Delivery to one location in DFW, with purchase over $250
  • $15 - Personal Delivery to one location in DFW, with purchase under $250
  • $12/location - Personal Delivery to multiple locations in DFW, with any purchase
  • FedEx shipping price equivalent - Location(s) outside DFW

Pick Your Wine - 'Milestone Concept': If you are looking for a different wine that isn't on our website, than let us know and we can search the market and give you options! 

One of the unique things The Dean's List suggests is the Milestone Concept. The Milestone Concept is where you get a specific, meaningful wine vintage for someone celebrating any kind of Milestone. This can be for a 10-year wedding anniversary where you get your spouse a 2008 vintage wine, a 10-year, 21st birthday celebration with a 2008 vintage wine, as well as so many other possibilities!

Here is an example of a bottle for a 5-year work anniversary with a 2013 vintage, and of course you can get it engraved!


Engravings: All hand-etched by the famous Ken Brown!

$15/bottle (Max of 5 words) - will be in Gold or Silver depending on the bottle

QR Code: Send us a link to your image, GIF, video, etc. Make them unique and have fun with it!


Now that you understand our pricing and process, click on Contact Us Now and give us the wine(s) you want from our website or what wine(s) your are interested in and we can search the market