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About Us


Hello to all wine loving friends and welcome to The Dean’s List!  So, you may ask what is The Dean’s List and why should I be a follower? Well, because we believe everyone deserves to experience great wines.  If you like wine, from everyday drinking variety to collectibles, then you deserve to be a part of The Dean’s list.  You will have the opportunity to enjoy exceptional deals and exclusive opportunities.  

Our Goal / Mission

It’s simple, we believe every Dean’s List follower deserves great wines! Even though we represent some of the finest wines in the world, we value the everyday drinking wines and those good folks that drink them. We encourage customer testimonials.  This helps determine what people like and also what they don’t like. Don’t worry, if you want to get detailed wine specifications, we offer that too. Remember…”Trust Your Palette”

Why The Dean’s List

From conception to launching The Dean’s List, we have created an incredible journey for the company and the dedicated followers.  Today, our website allows customers in 39 states to shop for wines, order online, and have wines shipped to their homes or business.

The Dean’s List believes everyone deserves to drink great wines and we look forward to being your wine source!


The Dean’s List Team