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 --> Why purchase from The Dean's List? <--






The Dean's List offers high end wines that:

-Had limited production

-Produced in special winery

-Scarce availability for consumer purchasing

-Have exclusive background/story




Our special weekly deals are guaranteed to beat retail competitors and provide you with discounts that make you a happy customer. We guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction or you will get your money back! 




 We strive to make this process as easy for you as possible. 

Order a case of wine now and if you are in the DFW area, we will deliver the wine to you for FREE WITHIN A WEEK!




We provide a background story of the wine we send you, so you can share the story with friends/family. You also have the option of using personalized cards that come with the box of wine that you order.

With these personalized cards you can send a personalized message through a QR code.

This message can be a voice recording, a link to photos, videos, gifs, or anything you want to make it the best gift possible! Please contact us to receive more information on personal gifts.


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